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Complete Florida invites you to partner with us to build a stronger workforce for your company and help your employees grow and succeed in their careers.

"Companies that offer employee education options see an 87% increase in employee morale and a 40% increase retention."   Source: The Conference Board

Ultimately, this is about developing your own workforce.  Complete Florida is designed to take your business to the next level by giving your employees the resources and support they need to finish their college degrees.  Invest in your employees, and you'll give them the tools to help your business succeed. Encourage your employees to finish their degrees.  Then watch them shine. 

What We Offer

  • Coaching Services for each employee.  Each student receives a Personal Success Coach that stays with them from application to graduation. Our Coaches will help your employees stay motivated and find ways to fast-forward their degree by exploring different types of accelerated programs.
  • Needs Assessments for your workforce. Our team will work with you to identify training needs, skills gaps and more.
  • Business Starter Kit filled with promotional materials to help inform your employees about Complete Florida degree options. 

The Best Part - it's FREE!

The partnership and the services offered to your employees are FREE!  Complete Florida is funded by the state of Florida to help build a stronger, more highly educated workforce.

"Complete Florida crafted an execution path for our employees to gain an undergraduate degree. Because of the enthusiasm and solutions-oriented attitude of Complete Florida, Broward County will roll out an education completion Pilot Partnership Program pivoting on Complete Florida’s relationship with colleges and universities offering programs that are specific to enforcing the skill sets the County requires.” ~ Peg Buchan, Assistant Port Director Port Everglades and Broward County Education Committee Member

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By 2020 65% of jobs will require education and training beyond high school and employees are 21% more likely to be promoted if they have a college degree.