Time To Finish What You Started?


Need a little help finishing your college degree? How about a FREE Personal Success Coach to help you along the way?

There are almost 3 million adults in the state of Florida with some college credit and no degree. Returning adult students have many questions once they start thinking about finishing their college degree. One of the main questions is:

Where do I start?

Complete Florida Success Coaches help adult students get started. What do Success Coaches do?

Personalized, step-by-step advice on how to re-started college is where the Complete Florida process begins. With a few simple steps, Coaches guide students through the creation of a personalized blueprint of their academic and professional journey. Coaches develop a relationship with their adult student from the time they decide to re-start their journey to finding out where they have been, where they are today, and where they want to go in the future. The experience is personal and focused on the success of the adult student.

Adult students take the first step by beginning the Complete Florida Common Application. Conversations with Coaches include questions and advice such as:

  • Can I use credit I have already earned? Yes, our partner institutions accept credit according academic policies already in place. Share your transcripts and Coaches will review them to see how our partner institutions might look at them.
  • Can my professional experiences help me get college credit? Many of our partners facilitate credit through prior learning assessment and competency-based education.
  • How can I fit classes in my busy schedule? Complete Florida partner institutions recognize that the returning adult student juggles responsibilities of family and work. These online programs are convenient to your lifestyle – you can take your class anytime from anywhere. Classes can last anywhere from 5 to 16 weeks, depending on the course, the program, and the partner institution. You can stack classes, taking one at a time – but completing more credits in a semester.
  • How can I afford to go back to college? Most adults don’t know that they might be eligible for financial aid. Complete Florida Success Coaches advise adult students on strategies for paying for college. Complete Florida also awards scholarships.
  • What if I don’t know what I want to do with a college degree? Our Coaches are certified career advisors and use resources available through MyCareerShines, Florida’s free online career planning tool, to help returning adults find careers that they are interested in and programs that help prepare them.

Why does an adult student need a Coach?

Navigating the back-to-college pathway can be confusing. If the adult student has been out of college for several years, college can look very different. Some adults will just jump in and navigate on their own. That’s great! Others need a little help to figure out their goals, and how the credits that they have previously earned might be used for a future.

Finding the best path for the adult student takes a support team. Complete Florida Success Coaches are part of that support team which helps the adult student execute a personal journey to academic and professional success. Whether staying in a current job or making a total break to a new career, the adult student who has a clear goal with a match between interests, strengths, work values, academic progress, and workforce is ready for success. Success Coaches are foundational to helping the busy adult student get back to college – and be successful in the journey.

And the best part, because Complete Florida is funded by the state of Florida, the personal coaching services are FREE to Florida residents.

It’s time to finish what you started! Fill out the application or click the “Contact Me” button at the top of the page and learn more about you, careers, and the degree programs offered by Complete Florida Partner Institutions.

See what other students have said about their Complete Florida Success Coach:

“At first, I thought I didn’t need a coach and thought that I could come back to college on my own. But then I ran into some problems with financial aid and Tanya was SUPER helpful in helping me work out my scholarship issues.”

St. Thomas University


“Having a Coach has helped me a lot. Having that person makes a world of difference, it’s almost like having someone on your team – they are there to support you. Having my daughter say, ‘Mom are you doing your homework’ hopefully she will know that she can go to college just like her mom did.”

2016 Complete Florida Student


“I have been so thrilled to find out about a program such as Complete Florida – it seemed to have been designed just for me. The program assigns you a Coach that will walk the walk with you. By looking at what I have done in my life and my transcripts, they were able to fast-forward my time to the finish line.”

2016 Complete Florida Student

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