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Step-by-step to restarting your degree
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Understanding Complete Florida

Complete Florida was created to help the state’s more than 2.8 million adults who have earned some college credit, but have not earned a degree. The best part, since Complete Florida is funded by the state of Florida, the services we offer are free.

Complete Florida can help you complete a certificate or an associate or baccalaureate degree that is aligned to high-skill, high-wage, high-demand job.

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Apply and receive your very own coach!

It all begins with completing an application. Fill out the application one time and you can send it to multiple institutions.

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We take care of the legwork,
so you can focus on the coursework.

Once you've started your application, you’ll get your own Success Coach. From application to graduation your Complete Florida Coach will be with you every step of the way. We’ll help you tackle the paperwork, work with your institution, and even navigate registration. Complete Florida looks to make the process of going back to school easy, affordable, and accessible to all our students.

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Selecting the right degree at the right university or college.

Complete Florida partners with accredited, real colleges and universities all around the state, with degree programs in Business, IT, Healthcare, Education, and more. Your Coach can provide you with detailed information about each institution in our network. Whether you’re looking to get your associate or your bachelor’s degree, we’ll help you create a plan, and share resources and the best practices to complete your degree.

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Financial Aid to help make finishing affordable.

Once you have been accepted to your institution, your Coach will be able to answer questions you may have in regards to financial aid and scholarships. Your Complete Florida Coach can help with tuition, materials, even the cost of books; the best part is we offer scholarships year-round to our students.

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We’ll help you keep going all the way through graduation.

Complete Florida will keep the motivation going while you work towards a brighter future. Your Coach will provide career counseling and help prepare you for your professional future.

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