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About Complete Florida

Complete Florida is a state of Florida initiative to recruit and retain the state’s 2.8 million adults who have some college but no degree. Partnering with public and private higher education institutions in Florida, Complete Florida provides one-on-one planning, support and coaching for students with adult responsibilities. Dedicated coaches work alongside students as personal advocates, counselors and advisors while participate complete college courses 100% online.

Complete Florida is a division of the UWF Innovation Institute.  It offers more than 70 online degree programs, including bachelor and associate degrees, from a dozen public and private colleges and universities.

About the Innovation Institute

Complete Florida is led by the UWF Innovation Institute. The Innovation team, founded around the principles of extreme collaboration, high energy, deep research and innovative thinking are focused on solving significant educational challenges. One of the cornerstones of the Institute is it focus on being a “Thought Leader” in education -- creating and implementing innovative tools, programs and resources to the advancement of education and learning.  By following a design thinking process (the IDEA method), the Institute’s projects have a big impact on the landscape of education and produce products, processes and partnerships that change educational practices.

About FloridaShines

FloridaShines - short for Florida's Students Hub of Innovative Educational Services - exists to empower all of Florida's 20,000,000 residents to earn a college degree and find a bright career. Whether you're in high school just starting to think about college or you're already working and ready to earn or complete your degree, FloridaShines can help. We've got the resources and support you need.

FloridaShines works with the state's 40 colleges and universities and other partners to help you succeed in school and beyond. Check your transcript. Register for an online course. Search libraries across the state. And a whole lot more. All designed to help you shine.