Brand Basics

Building the brand starts with the basics. Our logo, color palette and fonts will help get you started today.


To meet a variety of online and print needs, the Complete Florida logo comes in vertical and horizontal formats. To download a logo, simply click on a logo below and it will automatically begin to download.

Complete Florida Logo VerticalComplete Florida Logo Horizontal

Space Yourself

Providing clear space around the logo will give it proper visibility and contrast. Crowding the logo with other graphic or textual elements will compete with, not complement, the brand.

How do you know how much clear space to have? Use the "C" rule. If you have clear space that is the height of at least one capital "C" all around the logo, you probably have the minimum amount of clear space. (But more space is always better.) Example below.

C Rule for Complete Florida Logo

Speech Bubble

The only exception to the "C" rule is when you are using a Speech Bubble. Example below.

Speech Bubble rule for Complete Florida logo

Palatable Colors

Our primary palette is comprised of orange, blue, gray and white. 

  • Orange is used exclusively in the logo, giving it the most prominence.
  • Blue is used most prominently in graphic elements and in select copy for emphasis as in intro copy or a key word or phrase.
  • Gray is used exclusively for headlines and body copy.
  • White, though used in application as reversed copy out of blue in layout, should be thought of as a spacious playground for the other colors to shine. With ample white space in the layout, the other colors will have greater impact.

Color Scheme Rules for Complete Florida

Fonts to Use

Headlines in speech bubbles are in Roboto Slab regular, upper- and lowercase. The headline color on a white background is 50% black (gray).

Body copy is in PT Sans Regular, upper- and lowercase. Intro lines can be in bold all caps. Body copy is always 60% black (gray) on white. Intro lines to body copy can be in all caps and bold and in blue for more emphasis.

Font Rules for Complete Florida