Your Guide to the Brand

Effective brand communications inspire awareness and respect - and leaves a lasting impression. 

Brand Ambassadors

A brand is more than a logo or tagline. It’s a perception that’s shaped with every interaction. That’s why everyone associated with Complete Florida is responsible for creating the brand. Every time we interact with a prospective adult student we influence the perception of Complete Florida.

As brand ambassadors, we must present a unified front with a cohesive and consistent brand message. Here you’ll find tools to help you build the Complete Florida Brand at your local college or university. It is intended as a jumping-off point to help you make a difference.

Be the Brand

Brand Essence: Smart and bright.

Brand Promise: Complete your degree. Completely change your life.

Brand Values: Smart. Accessible. Optimistic. Trustworthy. Genuine.

Brand Expression: A high-tech, low-hassle way to finish your college degree.

What We Say

The way we talk about the brand shapes how people feel about it. The Complete Florida voice, at its core, is about trustworthy guidance, opportunity, and optimism.

In other words, we’re not just passing on information about how to go back to college as an adult. We’re establishing a relationship with the people of Florida and showing how we can be a trusted resource to help them achieve their dreams for a better future. For them to succeed, they need to trust us first.

We want people to perceive Complete Florida as an ally and friend, approachable, resource-filled and a critical ingredient to success.

How We Write

If we want to connect with people, the way we write needs to feel real, genuine, almost effortless. In all that we do (email, postcard, digital ad, poster, etc.), we’re inviting people to join a conversation.

If our tone is too formal, it will, at best, feel stiff and removed and, at worst, feel like a lecture. So, write differently. It’s okay to have punchy headlines and short sentences. Your goal is to get your readers to bond with and trust Complete Florida, so that they’ll take the next step.

The tone your communications take will vary depending on audience and occasion. With busy, prospective adult students, for example, the tone can be very easy-going and simple.

Messaging should be confident and show off impressive facts and services, but not be arrogant, strident, or shrill. The copy should be smart, bold, surprising and, most of all, genuine.