About Us

We’re here to help Floridians finish what they started.

Complete Florida is a high-tech, low-hassle way for busy adults to finish their college degrees. We provide students with the freedom to learn, to dream, to achieve their goals.

Founded by the Florida Legislature in 2013, we’re here to help the 2.2 million Floridians – who started college but never finished – get the degrees they need for the jobs they want.

Powerful Partnerships

Through its partner colleges and universities Complete Florida offers more than 200 college degree
programs and certificates in Industry Clusters aligned to Florida’s high demand job needs such as Business and Management, Education, Healthcare and Information Technology. Programs are 100% online and flexible. There are multiple start dates – students can get re-started on their journey when they are ready!

Personalized Approach

The best part? Our Success Coaches are here for our students from start to finish. Lean on them for support. Advice. Anything you need. Free of charge to keep you charged up.

Complete Florida is designed specifically to meet the needs of adults returning to college to finish
their degree.

Understanding the Adult Learner

The UWF Innovation Institute serves as the innovation and research arm of Complete Florida. Our team includes big-thinkers, business experts and storytellers who work with stakeholders to provide solutions that make a lasting, positive impact on the social, economic and technological landscape in the communities we serve. Learn more about the adult learner and the research that went into developing the Complete Florida program.


Understand Complete Florida

Understanding Complete Florida