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It is a very rewarding experience to help students return to college and see them accomplish their goals and dreams. We hope your experience with the Complete Florida program is a great success.

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Emily's Story

“I am an organized person and a planner. I like to know what’s next and what is coming up, so being able to see a clear path has definitely helped me decide that I can make the commitment to finishing my education. I am so excited about everything.”

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James' Story

“In our family, we are life-long learners, and I wanted to model that. Plus I wanted to eliminate any barriers that I might face for not having my credentials even though I have a lot of experience in my field.”

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Kelly's Story

“I think my professional life has enriched my experience returning to college. You bring a different perspective to things when you have lived life, especially the classes required for my major.”

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Shaneka's Story

“I always knew I would finish what I started. But life happens and you have to adjust. For a long time, I was busy raising my two sons and working, of course. Now, there is finally time for me to do some things for myself.”

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