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Shaneka B.
Business Administration, Florida State College Jacksonville

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Shaneka is 39 years old and currently pursuing her A.S. degree in Business Administration at Florida State College at Jacksonville.

Shaneka works full time as an eligibility specialist at a company that helps clients research, coordinate and secure health-care benefits. Her goal is to finish a bachelor’s degree in human resource management and work in that field.

Shaneka also has two sons, ages 16 and 21. She works from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and is enrolled in 12 credit hours of coursework at FSCJ. All of her classes are fully online.

“You have to be organized, organized, organized to do all this,” Shaneka said. “I go to work, and then in the afternoons and evenings and on weekends, I do school work.”

For a humanities class, Shaneka often puts on headphones during her lunch break to listen to material for assignments. When Shaneka does school work at home, she jokes that her sons know to leave her alone unless they have issues that involve “fire, flood or blood.”

Shaneka started down the path to finish her college degree 16 years ago.

“I always knew I would finish what I started,” Shaneka said. “But life happens and you have to adjust. For a long time, I was busy raising my two sons and working, of course. Now, there is finally time for me to do some things for myself.”

When she returned to FSCJ, an advisor told Shaneka about Complete Florida. She applied for and received a Complete Florida scholarship.

“Since I am a bit further along in life, incurring a massive student debt is not appealing to me. Therefore, any funds that I can receive to offset any potential need for loans is much appreciated. I can complete my education with peace of mind, not having to worry about a huge bill at the end of my self-improvement journey.”


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