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It’s time to separate the facts from the fiction when it comes to returning to college. No longer do myths, half-truths, and assumptions have to stop someone from returning to college and getting a degree.

Top 5 Concerns Adult Learners Have When Returning to College


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Using previously earned credits
toward a current degree

Fiction: My credits are quite old, and I will not be able to put my previous courses toward my college degree.

Fact: Just because previously earned credit is old (or really old) doesn’t mean it cannot be put toward earning a college degree. Depending on the course, the institution, and how old the credits are, institutions have a variety of ways they can accept previously earned credit.

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Time Commitment

Fiction: There are not enough hours in the day to take care of my family, go to work, and complete a college degree.

Fact: Because Complete Florida courses are 100% online, you have the flexibility to work according to your schedule. Plus Coaches provide you with the resources, tips and tricks, and strategies to help fit school into a busy schedule.

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Paying for College

Fiction: There aren’t scholarships or financial aid opportunities available to adult learners.

Fact: With the help of a Complete Florida Coach, you can find scholarships, learn about federal student aid eligibility, and have access to financial aid assistance opportunities from a variety of different outlets. There are even financial aid opportunities for active-duty and retired military.

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My Life is too Busy

Fiction: My busy life keeps me from being able to commit to going back to college and completing my degree.

Fact: Complete Florida partner institutions offer students the opportunity to complete a degree faster and in a cost-effective way. Through accelerated course options, you may be able to test out of a course completely, or bundle classes together. You may even be able to put your industry certifications and previous work experience toward earning course credit.

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Fiction: With an already busy schedule of work and family obligations, I can’t fit going to class into my schedule as well.

Fact: Thanks to the flexibility of online learning, you can take classes on-the- go without ever having to set foot on campus. As an added benefit, multi-start terms allow you to stack multiple courses to earn more credit each term.

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