Fast-Forward Your Degree

Accelerate at your own pace
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Fast-Forward Your Degree

Complete Florida recognizes adult learners have busy lives, and often come into a degree program with prior credits and work experience that can be used to complete a degree faster and in a cost-effective way. With that in mind, Complete Florida partner institutions have created options to help you complete your degree faster. If you chose an accelerated program option you'll take just as many courses to complete a degree, but move at a faster rate. Accelerated college courses, designed with the busy adult student in mind, reduce the time to completion of a degree program and can reduce the cost of college to students.

Complete Florida partners review potential student transcripts and identify what previously completed courses will fit into a program of study. Armed with the information, students can consider different types of acceleration as they decide where they would like to complete their degrees. 

Types of Accelerated Programs

Multiple Start/Accelerated Terms

Complete Florida partners offer courses in 6-, 8-, 12-, 14-, and 16-week terms. For Competency-Based Education courses, students have options of starting once a month or on demand, depending on the partner institution and program. Scheduling options give you the flexibility in when you start your classes, as well as the number of courses you take at one time. You do not have to wait for the traditional semester to begin to take a class.


Competency-based Education (CBE)

Competency-based Education permits you to progress through coursework based on demonstrated mastery of competencies through tests, projects, and portfolios. If you choose to accelerate with CBE learning you can receive college credit based on actual demonstration of the skills that are taught throughout the course. CBE programs are designed to allow you to learn and progress at your own pace and put life experience towards attaining a degree.


College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The College Board offers the College Level Examination Program as a way for adult students to demonstrate mastery by exam in more than 30 subject areas. Students who take free CLEP review courses online and then pass CLEP exams can earn course credit at colleges and universities. Credits add up and reduce the number of semesters needed to complete a degree. Free review courses and practice questions to prepare for CLEP exams are available at Students can take one review course, or many, and they are all self-paced and require no prerequisites. The CLEP exam fee is $87, however, Complete Florida students who finish the free online review courses and all practice questions can apply for a FREE exam voucher with Modern States Alliance.


Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Adult students often bring with them years of on-the-job experience. Prior Learning Assessments allow you to demonstrate what you know and potentially test out of a course completely. Our partner institutions can assess what you have previously learned to determine if it matches with the degree coursework. By taking an assessment to evaluate existing skills, you can progress quickly towards a degree.


Alternative Credit Project (ACP)

Through the Alternative Credit Project (ACP) institutions have defined a pool of possible online courses that an institution will accept towards a degree. The courses offered are at reduced to no cost across more than 20 subject areas from multiple providers.


Alternative Credentialing

Many of our partner institutions recognize that you have experience and expertise that have been developed through many different ways. If you have alternative credentials, such as relevant industry certificates, you can be awarded credit, based on institution and program.


UF Flexible Learning

Another option for accelerating your progress toward a degree is UF Flexible Learning, available to students who want to continue their education. UF Flexible Learning allows students to learn at their own pace, as long as the student is regularly submitting coursework, over a 16-week course. Students do not have to be admitted to the University of Florida to earn academic credit, rather UF Flexible Learning is open to anyone who wishes to jumpstart their return to college right away. Upon successful completion of a course, students earn UF credit, posted to an official transcript.


Complete Florida Coaches work with students to identify the best program type, degree, and institution and help students make informed decisions about possible accelerated paths. Contact Complete Florida for information.