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partner with complete florida to help support adult learners
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Complete Florida knows that supporting non-traditional students leads to student success and a highly educated workforce. Connecting with state and national organizations makes the biggest impact and helps everyone scale their piece of this important work. That is why Complete Florida values partnerships.

“Complete Florida’s dedicated coaching model has informed Complete College America’s strategy to focus on helping returning adult students earn degrees and credentials of value.”   ~Yolanda Watson Spiva, Ph.D., Complete College America President

There are many benefits to businesses, community foundations, workforce development boards and other organizations collaborating to find solutions for adult learners.

Why Partner with Complete Florida:

  • Moral Support: Two heads are better than one when it comes to creating solutions to better help adult learners. There is a need to bounce ideas off of each other and learn best practices to benefit students in their education and careers.
  • Gaining Knowledge and Expertise: Partnerships can give collaborators access to a wider range of expertise and knowledge from a variety of organizations. Where your organization might be stuck on a problem, a partnership can bring insight that can help.
  • New Perspective: A partnership can bring a fresh set of eyes. Bringing in a new perspective may also bring with it a different outlook on how to better help both organizations achieve their goals.

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