Back to College

Strategies, tools, and resources to help you in college and beyond.
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Finishing your college degree doesn’t have to be a dream. Complete Florida can help you turn your dream into reality. We’re by your side through your entire journey. A Complete Florida Success Coach works with you from “I’m ready to return to college” to “CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve finished what you started!”

Back to College Experience

The Back to College Experience brings together coaching, career awareness and education, tutorials, webinars, resources, networking, learning communities, and more to give you the tools needed to be successful. Through the Back to College Experience, Complete Florida helps you prepare for college, succeed in college, and connect to careers.

Not a Complete Florida student yet?

It’s easy to get started. If you are an adult who has earned some college credit, but not a degree, Complete Florida is your onramp to finishing your degree. Let us help you succeed from the day you decide to go back to college to the day you graduate and beyond.

Your future is waiting. Take your first step!



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