A.A., Criminal Justice

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Hodges University

Associate of Arts, Criminal Justice

An Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice will give you the skills and knowledge to work in the law enforcement field. You will learn about the criminal justice system, the importance of discretion and ethical decision making in regard to criminal justice operations and the application of criminal law and procedure.

In addition to building a strong foundation in understanding the criminal justice system and studying policing practices, you will develop critical-thinking skills as well as invaluable leadership skills. Hodges Criminal Justice Pathway prepares you to take on roles of protection, apply to law school, or take on a detective, criminalist, or probation role within law enforcement. These careers offer you variety in day to day activities and the ability to serve the public.

What can I do with this degree?

Here are some common professional paths for graduates:

  • Corrections Officer
  • Police Officer
  • Security Guard
  • Criminal Investigator

What’s in it for you:

  • A personal coach to guide you through the enrollment process and along the path to graduation.
  • 100% fully online classes.
  • Credit for college credits previously earned from accredited institutions.
  • Scholarships, financial aid and grants for eligible students.

Admissions Requirements

  • Complete an application and pay the application fee through Complete Florida
  • Provide residency information
  • Provide high school graduation or GED information
  • Students with transfer credit may need to take a free online entrance exam and send copies of official transcripts from previous institutions
  • Students within five years of high school graduation will need to submit ACT or SAT scores
  • Students with an AA or an AS degree do not need to submit test scores or take an entrance exam