A.S., Health Information Technology

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Seminole State College

Associate in Science, Health Information Technology

Without the staff to report all the health data, our doctor’s offices wouldn’t function efficiently. Seminole State’s Associate in Science (A.S.) Health Information Technology degree will prepare you for a career in this in-demand field. You will learn to utilize technology to collect, analyze, monitor and report health data to the appropriate parties. You will learn to process clinical codes, patient requests, billing and compliance with the goal of protecting patient privacy.

What can I do with this degree?

Graduates of the Associate in Science Health Information Technology program have numerous employment options in healthcare facilities, government agencies and managed care organizations.

What’s in it for you:

  • A personal coach to guide you through the enrollment process and along the path to graduation.
  • 100% fully online classes.
  • Credit for college credits previously earned from accredited institutions.
  • Scholarships, financial aid and grants for eligible students.

Admission Requirements

Prospective students can gain admission into the program upon completion of an Associate in Science degree in Nursing or a Diploma in Nursing from a regionally accredited college or university. Candidates must also:

Hold a current RN license or be eligible to sit for the NCLEX RN

Have a GPA of 2.5 or higher

If you are a licensed RN or eligible to take NCLEX RN, contact Shelly Deans at deanss@seminolestate.edu

Experiential Learning

All accredited RN-to-BSN programs, including those 100% online, are required to have some practice time of which some is live. At Seminole State College, the Community and Public Health course includes online virtual simulations. Also, during the final semester Capstone course, students will have experiential learning activities and a patient or community teaching project. These Capstone assignments include a live windshield survey in the student’s community and presenting the teaching project to a live audience, as well as partnership work with another nurse with a BSN or higher degree.

Students must submit official transcripts to the College.